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Clean Election
To monitor free and fair election.
Gahana Informacial
We put right information at right place for a right price.
Hamro Pyuthan
Pyuthan is a remote hilly district of Mid-Western Region. The district is rich in terms of natural resources. The district is 15 kilometers far from East-West highway but some areas of the district is yet to be linked with motorable road.
Kankai is the nation's leading provider of IT consultancy services, media trainings and digital technology solutions for FM radio stations, television stations, media houses and technology users. With the core theme focused on radio communications, we work exclusively in the field of FM radio and television broadcasting, Wi-Fi networks, GPS and other wireless systems.
London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)
The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) International Qualifications is one of the world's largest providers of business related vocational qualifications.
NEOC, a coalition consisting of human rights groups, civil society organizations and distinguished individuals, has come into being in pursuant to the values and principles of universal adult suffrage enshrined in the UDHR and ICCPR.
Nepal Greece
This website was created with a view to assist the two peoples, those of Nepal and Greece, that live far from each other, to become acquainted.
Oracle Nepal
Oracle International is a common plate-form of media professionals and academicians who have been providing services in wide range of issues. Realizing the fact that communication is the key of success for all organizations the organization was established to provide good communication to all the organizations.
Pyramid International
Pyramid International College, located at the heart of Kathmandu Valley, is committed to imparting the best education that helps to unleash potentials for growth of young and inquisitive minds.
Sherpa Guide Nepal
Sherpa Guide Nepal co-operative confers on the preeminent service and the highly competitive price for trekking and Expeditions in Nepal. Our main objective is to endow with highly comprehensive travel and tour support to our valuable home and foreign guests, offering personalized itineraries and routes.
Siddhi Mangal
This site is under construction
Voyage Himalaya
Have you ever dreamed of climbing the mountains of Nepal and admire the sunrise over the Himalayas? Imagined or relax in the jungle of the Terai (southern Nepal) starting to meet the Royal Bengal tiger and rhinoceros? Or hike to the desired Buddhist monasteries and share daily life and spirituality of the monks who live there?
Wencheng Gongzhu
The legendary Chinese Princess Wencheng Gongzhu of early Tang Dynasty introduced Buddhism to Tibet and devoted her life to the well-being of the people. As her legend lives on, we seek to embody her spirit with patriotic pride by naming our foundation after the Princess. She is considered an emanation of the Liberating Goddess, Tara.
Youth Action Nepal (YOAC)
Youth Action Nepal (YOAC) came into existence in the year 2003 as an initiative of a few university students concerned with the vulnerable social, economic and political situation of the country, especially in the context of the armed conflict. The youths decided to contribute to human rights protection and promotion by involving fellow youths at a time when the nation was at its worst.


This group is all about creative organization or persons.

Arjun Pokharel
This site is about Arjun Pokharel
Creative Edge
We know the most important person in our business is you, the customer" It's completely true. Without you – our customer – we have nothing, and we promise we'll never forget that for one second.


This site is related to Academic

Cambridge Institute
Cambridge Institute, established in 1989, is an academic institute initiated by academic professionals. We are the leading Institute for the bridge courses in Nepal.Our mission is to provide proper information, counseling, and guidance to students.our vision is to prepare students become confident, responsible, innovative and engaged.
Evening High School
The Evening School denies the extremely negative consequences, both socially and economically, resulting from our educational system, many students were forced to leave school before completion of their studies and now want to resume.


This group is about Government and non government organization

Federal Liqour Association of Nepal
This site is Federal Liqour Association of Nepal.
National Committee of Human Rights Education Radio Listeners Club
Insec Online
INSEConline.org is the first human rights news portal in Nepal.
National Coalition for the International Criminal Court
National Coalition for the International Criminal Court (NCICC) is a loose network formed in November 2001 as an outcome of a two-day national consultation programme on ICC in Nepal. The network comprises human rights NGOs, media, lawyers, academicians and individuals. The coalition has been coordinated by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC).

Travel and Tourism

This group is about Travel. Tour and Trekking sites

Celtic Trekking
Our glorious adventure began in 1992 when Olivier Kerviel married Sarita and settled in Nepal. Celtic Trekking was born. Was there a better place than Nepal to engage in trekking and hiking?
Hotel Skylark Nepal
Hotel Skylark Nepal, situated at the Thamel, Kathmandu is the tourist ultimate living experience. We are located within the major tourist area such as Kathmandu durbar square and swyambunath. SkyLark Hoter, is a premier deluxe oasis in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal.